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Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom Through Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business

Josh and Akiba Brooks

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About Me

Welcome to ABCsToOnlineBusiness!  My name is Joshua Brooks, born and raised in Utah, in the USA and Akiba, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. Since the ‘80’s I had worked in construction.  My wife Akiba, was a ‘stay at home mom for over ten years raising kids. We decided to get married and travel  together from one job to another, providing for our needs and the needs of our four children. Working a JOB will wear you down. Our days became a never-ending cycle of wake up, go to work, get off work, go to bed. Over and over with our dreams fading into the past of what we thought life was going to be like. We were taught get a good job, work hard, save for a rainy day and you will be fine.  What we needed was more -Time- to do what we want, when we wanted!

A year later, working up to 84 hours per week some weeks, we weren’t getting anywhere. Then, we stumbled onto a website that offered a step by step structured program and a coach to help us create an online business from home helping others.

The education we received changed our lives.  A few months later, we generated an income from our very own business online. We were able to create a value-based-income in addition to our time-based-pay, while working over 40 hours per week.  In doing so our perspectives have changed. Providing a service to those who are in need of answers and solutions. Showing others how to start an online business, or, scale a present business.  Our journey spotlights- learning and investing, in education and assets. The most important lesson is- Take Action!

The rewards are more than we could have dreamed! We are enthusiastic about this journey and we want to share this business opportunity with you.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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